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WATER - Do You Ditch Your Dreams When ”Life Gets Crazy?”

October 29, 2022

This short episode is from an IG Live about a phenomenon I encounter a lot in my coaching work, something clients have asked me about a lot...

How do I stay on track with my priorities when "life gets busy?"

You know the deal, you decide to start your business, or your morning routine, or re-commit to your movement practice, or write your book, and you're happily plugging along and then...


Pet in the hospital. Unexpected breakup. Flood in the basement. Car trouble. Family coming into town.

It seems like something allllllwayyys shows up to knock us off track. 

Next thing we know we've missed a few days.

And we feel shitty for missing that few days, so we have to lose a few more days to feeling shitty for missing a few days, of course.

Next thing you know, you've ghosted your business again and haven't made an instagram post in 6 months.

Or you haven't darkened the door of the dance or yoga studio in a year, and feel like you're "starting all over."

There's just so many distractions.


Well, I have a theory about why this happens, and how to stop it. Listen up to hear about it.


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