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WATER - Self Trust VS Guru-Hopping with Gina Ward

November 8, 2022

Today on the show I'm so excited to introduce you to Gina Ward of Heart & Grit Coaching.

Gina is a marketing, branding, messaging, business mentor and creative coach. She believes that the success of your business lies in sharing your story, connecting with people in a human way and being unapologetically ambitious and authentic.

Gina shares her business story on the first episode of her podcast, The Heart & Grit Podcast, about how many powerful pivots she's made in her own career and in her business.

I wanted to have a conversation about guru hopping, outsourcing your answers, always looking for someone to tell you what to do, vs trusting your inner wisdom, and I knew Gina was the perfect person to join me for this conversation.

In this talk you're getting two coaches for the price of one, so take notes!



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