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FIRE - Healthy Dominance Vs Unhealthy Submission with Pamela Horner, The Awakened Aphrodite

October 20, 2022

Family I have a juicy one for you today!

The amazing Pamela Horner, AKA The Awakened Aphrodite, joined me for a conversation about her path to discovering, and becoming a highly sought after teacher, of what she calls "Feminine Dominance."

We get into some nuanced areas of the real meaning of "masculine" and "feminine" energetics (sub yin and yang or go/flow if you prefer), why dominance does NOT mean just being an aggressive jerk and submission does NOT mean pretending you have no needs, addressed some of the problematic teachings in the "conscious relationship guru" side of the internet, and so much more!

We also talk about sex work and kink, so buckle up!

Stick around till the end, because Pamela leads a short guided meditation to help you drop into your own experience of Feminine Dominance in your body.


As a special gift, Pamela has a discount code for you for her upcoming program.

All you have to do to get it is DM her "Special Offer" on Instagram, and let her know that you heard her on The Elemental Entrepreneurship Podcast!

Find her on instagram here:


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